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Located in the Perth Hills region, Champion Horse Arenas is owned and run by Bill Tate who has widespread experience gained over more than a decade working across Perth’s earthworks, landscaping and arena construction industries. A passionate member of the horsing and rural communities, we take great pride in tailoring the highest quality horse arenas and round yards for Western Australia’s residential and professional equestrian organisations. Specialising in all facets of arena design, placement, construction, drainage, fencing, irrigation and verge systems, we work closely with our clients to deliver the best possible results for their individual needs, property types and budgets.

At Champion Horse Arenas, we rely on our in-depth construction and materials knowledge, as well as the latest dual grade laser graders, to create customised horse arenas designed to deliver outstanding performance, longevity and aesthetic appeal. Regardless of budget, all our clients benefit from our expertise, personalised service and commitment to excellence. And because of our extensive experience encompassing all facets of horse arena construction, we’re able to take care of entire arena projects as part of one, seamlessly managed process. For clients with existing horse arenas, we also offer a comprehensive range of maintenance, repair and resurfacing services to keep your arena looking its best and performing optimally.

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Horse Arena Construction

Champion Horse Arenas specialises in the personalised design and construction of horse arenas and round yards across Perth and the Perth Hills region. With over 12 years experience spanning arena design, earthworks, landscaping and drainage, we’re able to take care of all aspects of our clients’ arena construction projects. Our high-level expertise, attention to detail and tailored approach not only deliver outstanding quality arenas for our clients but also save them the time, cost and hassle associated with employing multiple contractors to execute various stages of their arena construction. We provide expert advice on the right arena design and placement for our clients’ individual properties, budgets and riding requirements. Relying on high-quality materials and precision dual grade laser grading equipment, we are committed to delivering exceptional performance, longevity and aesthetic appeal across all our arena projects.

Horse Arena Resurfacing

In addition to our arena construction services, Champion Horse Arenas specialise in the complete resurfacing of existing horse arenas across Perth and Perth Hills. Our resurfacing services encompass removal of any degraded surface materials, assessment of the base layer, remediation of any uneven levels and compaction if required, performance of any necessary repairs to drainage and installation of the new riding surface. The new riding surface material is then laser graded to a depth of 60mm to 70mm to deliver a consistent and comfortable riding surface with optimal drainage properties. Working with a range of screened and unscreened river sands, as well as the latest in synthetic riding surfaces, we’re able to tailor our arena resurfacing services to suit a wide variety of riding disciplines, property types and budgets.

Horse Arena Maintenance

Champion Horse Arenas offers a comprehensive range of horse arena maintenance services. We specialise in everything from base layer repairs and drainage problems through to laser levelling and complete arena resurfacing. By setting and recording precise gradient points on each corner of our clients’ arenas, we facilitate ease and accuracy of re-levelling at future maintenance visits. With over a decade working across Perth’s horse arena and landscaping industries, we can offer expert advice on cost-effective measures to keep your arena performing optimally. Working with residential owners as well as equestrian, dressage and riding organisations, we’re able to tailor a maintenance schedule customised to your arena usage, requirements and budget.

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In-Depth Experience

Champion Horse Arenas has over 12 years experience spanning earthworks, landscaping, drainage and rural fencing as well as the complete design, construction and maintenance of horse arenas and round yards. Our expert knowledge of the correct surface preparation techniques, base layer and riding surface materials, drainage treatments and verge systems enables us to tailor the most functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing horse arena for your residential property or equine riding school.

Outstanding Quality

At Champion Horse Arenas, we take great pride in designing and building the highest quality horse arenas for our clients. From budget-friendly solutions through to competition arenas for riding schools and equestrian clubs, we rely on high quality materials and state of the art laser levelling equipment to deliver exacting workmanship across every arena project.

End-To-End Solutions

Our broad ranging experience across all facets of earthworks, landscaping and arenas enables us to deliver complete, end-to-end solutions for our clients. Rather than employing multiple contractors to execute various stages of their arena’s construction, our clients benefit from dealing with the same, horse arena specialist from the site assessment and quoting right through to all stages of the excavation, retaining, drainage, compaction, surface material supply and installation and fencing.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Champion Horse Arenas, our business has grown considerably, largely due to the positive word of mouth spread by our clients. We value the reputation we’ve built for creating outstanding arenas and are committed to maintaining the highest levels of quality, attention to detail and personalisation across all our projects.

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About Us

Owned and operated by Perth Hills local, Bill Tate, Champion Horse Arenas began as a landscaping and earthworks business in 2006. Within a few years, Bill began executing more and more horse arena projects and, with a passion for horses and the rural lifestyle, gradually made the decision to focus the business entirely on this specialised field. With considerable experience across all facets of earthworks, levelling, retaining, landscaping materials, drainage and irrigation, Bill found his in-depth knowledge around how different materials perform under varying conditions was highly applicable to the horse arena industry. Now specialising exclusively in horse arenas and round yards, Bill provides high quality, personalised services encompassing all phases of arena placement, design, construction, fencing and completion.

Built on Quality
Having refurbished several horse arenas that were incorrectly compacted, graded or drained, from the outset Champion Horse Arenas set about building a reputation for absolute quality, precision and attention to detail. Our experience working on a wide variety of property types across Perth, including commercial and flood-prone properties, together with our specialist laser levelling equipment and materials knowledge, ensures we’re able to create the highest quality arenas across all budgets. All projects are designed and executed by Bill personally. We believe maintaining this personalised, hands-on approach is fundamental to our ability to maintain the high standards our clients have come to expect from us. Contact us for a friendly chat about the design, construction, resurfacing or maintenance of your horse arena.